Mod 4: Lessons 87-92

These past two weeks were devoted to cake decorating.  We made a ton of buttercream and piped a million rosettes, shells, roses, etc.  While the repetition and minute detailing of it all was making me a little stir crazy, “practice makes perfect” definitely applied to these little suckers.  We practiced piping on parchment paper, Styrofoam cakes, and cupcakes.  We also made a ten inch cake, which we iced with buttercream and will cover with marzipan next week.  We also made marzipan roses, which are kind of adorable.

These classes have been more-or-less uneventful and slow paced, which is nice.  I am starting my sketches for my wedding cake, which I have a vague idea of what it’s going to look like.  Everyone is getting antsy because school is over in eight classes, and it is quite exciting and bittersweet.  After school, I begin my externship, which is going to be at Balthazar bakery in the city.  Wooooohooooo!  I’ve actually been at Balthazar for a few weeks now, and it’s been pretty great.  Lots of hard work, a ton of battle scars (I constantly hurt myself when I’m in kitchens), loads of delicious food, and a great learning environment.  The people are great, the pastries are great.  The commute is the worst (especially with this freak winter we’re having), but it’s worth it.  I mean, it’s Balthazar, you guys.  I’m going to be visiting the Englewood, NJ location soon, where all the fabulous bread is made, which, as we all know, is what I am particularly interested in, so I’m excited to see what that location is like.

I’m awfully distracted by this football game right now (who AM I?), so I’m going to end this post.  Let’s go Jets!


4 responses to “Mod 4: Lessons 87-92

  1. beautiful! your a basket-cake…, get it?

  2. Christine,
    You were righ on the money. Well, none of us have any money so, you were right. School is a blast. I have Chef Chad as my MOD 1 instructor. Since he was a huge reason for me choosing ICE over CIA, I’m psyched! Math is scary. I’m not understanding why my answers are different from the rest of the classe’s. The weekend course is intense with how much is thrown at you in such a short amount of time. I have this week to unscramble and organize my brain and the homework. Thanks for your encouragement. Your flowers really look cool by the way. Good luck on your wedding cake and at Balthazar. What location have you been at here in the city? I’m new here and still learning where things are.

    • Hooray! I’m SO glad you are having a good time so far, and you are soooo lucky to have Chef Chad! Please tell him I say hello and that I miss him, and give him a high five for me if you aren’t too embarrassed to give people high fives. Math really is scary, I felt the same way, but it does gets easier.

      There is only one Balthazar in the city, it’s in SoHo on Spring St. The bakery, which I work at, is connected to a restaurant of the same name. I highly recommend the bakery and restaurant if you ever want to eat delicious food, which everyone should always want.

      Well, have so much fun and make delicious things and kick math’s ass, etc.!

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