Mod 4: Lessons 76-81

After being stuck in my house for three days straight due to laziness and the freak blizzard, I am finally going to sit down and tell you about chocolate.  Not that it’s delicious and great and all that, but mostly about how much I have grown to hate it.  Okay, maybe I don’t hate it, but I strongly dislike working with chocolate.

These past two weeks, I made pretty little chocolates and truffles, which were all delicious, but tempering chocolate requires a lot of patience and keeping a close eye on the thermometer.  It’s a straightforward process, but very particular and frustrating.  We also “painted” our chocolates with pretty colors.  I decided to go abstract and smear and splatter colors into my molds because that’s just my style, and by that I mean, it’s really easy and quick to go abstract.  Much of what we made, we are saving for our graduation ceremony, which is in ONE MONTH!  I can’t even believe it.

Anyway, we made: buttercrunch, nougatine, truffles (ginger, earl grey, milk chocolate spice, and many more), bite-sized molded chocolates (with matcha green tea, praline, coffee, etc. fillings), and milk chocolate bars with a salted caramel filling.  In the end, making these suckers was worth all that tempering nonsense.

I am now on a week long school break and our practical exam is on the day we get back.  That was genius scheduling on someone’s part.  But, whatever.  Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday and ate lots of really great food.

Also, don’t get killed by an icicle!


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