Mod 3: Lessons 71-74

Okay, so I lied when I said I’d have more pictures this week because I took none.  Well, I took two. Here’s one:

Hey, B!

We made a ton of desserts by some famous pastry chefs this week and practiced plating, which was pretty cool.  Eating the desserts came more naturally to me than plating them, so I did more of that.  Some of the desserts we made were: chocolate peanut tarts with lemon confit, praline citrus sorbet, and peanut butter powder, Greek yogurt panna cotta with grapefruit, avocado, and basil foam (both by Chef Michael Laiskonis), raspberry mille feuille with ice wine granita and litchi sorbet (by Chef Nicole Kaplan), and lemon fromage blanc mousse with rhubarb compote, caramelized phyllo, and pine honey ice cream (by Chef Dominique Ansel).  There were others, some were just eaten and not plated, all of them were great.  My favorite desserts were the ones that included salted caramel, one of my most favorite flavor combination.

Chef Chad also made us his famous shortcake, which he warned us would blow our minds.  I do have to say, it was a pretty damn delicious shortcake.  He sliced each cake and filled it macerated berries and topped it with fresh whipped cream.  Good job, Chef Chad.

Well, that was this week, and those were the two pictures I took.  Next week, we have our practical and then we start Mod 4 with Chef Jeff, which is the cake decorating business.

Things are also getting really exciting for me outside of school, but I’ll talk more about it next week.


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