Mod 3: Lessons 61-66

So, several things happened these past two weeks: I made more delicious cakes, won a prettiest cake contest, rediscovered my love for chocolate mousse and whipped cream, aced my test, got another job in a pastry kitchen, made Thanksgiving dinner for ten in just under four hours, got a clearer idea of my externship plans, and started listening to (and singing) Christmas music.

We finished up our genoise with what I made into the prize-winning cake.  I made a chocolate praline buttercream by beating rich chocolate ganache and praline paste (aka: two of my most favorite things) into buttercream and slathered that in between layers.  I also used a raspberry jam striping layer, which was very pretty.  I won two pastry related magazines that were randomly in Chef’s possession that night, and more importantly, bragging rights.  The next day, I made a roulade with a ganache and whipped cream with fresh strawberries filling and iced it with a meringue, which I torched, and topped it off with fresh berries.  Then I made a miroir with the most delicious and beautiful blueberry bavarian ever.  The deep blueish purple was just so pretty.  Charlottes were next, and that was the time I rediscovered my love for chocolate mousse and whipped cream, which is what was used for the filling.  Things almost got too cutesy when we all wrapped our Charlottes with ribbon, but I did it because I was singing Christmas music and I got in the spirit of ribboning things.  It makes sense.

The next week (which is this week), we made Pan di Spagna and Nut Sponge.  We are saving the Nut Sponge for next week, but with the Pan di Spagna, we made Zuccotto all Ricotta, which are these dome shaped desserts with layers of cake soaked in rum and anisette with a ricotta filling and iced with whipped cream.  Heck yes.  Out of the same type cake, we made Tiramisu.  It was the most delicious Tiramisu ever.  The filling was so smooth and light and had just the right amount of espresso flavor.  I was never the biggest Tiramisu fan, but this cake takes the cake.  I hate myself for saying that.

I don’t really feel like discussing my new job, which I haven’t started yet, or my fabulous externship possibilites, which have been narrowed down exponentially, because of my tendency to become lazy about typing and my silly superstitions, soooo I’m not going to.  I will say that I finally get to be in a kitchen again and that I am looking into food media for my externship.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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