Mod 3: Lessons 57-60

This week, we learned how to make some more classic cakes, like the genoise, angel food, and chiffon.  We also made dobostortes, which is a Hungarian cake and I made a rehrucken, which is a cake that resembles a venison roast.  I forgot the history behind this particular cake, but it is weird regardless.

With the angel food and chiffon cakes, we just flavored the batter and then dusted them with confectioner’s sugar.  With the genoise, I made a praline buttercream and filled and iced the cake with the delicious stuff, and added a rich chocolate ganache striping layer.  Can I just say, that making a perfectly smooth and creamy buttercream is one of the best feelings ever.  The little things in life…

Anyway.  It was a simple week.  And, our class is known to get everything done super early because we’re super awesome.  So yeah, cakes are growing on me slowly but surely.

In other news, I went to the New Amsterdam market in South Street Seaport last week and got a bunch of delicious things, like lamb shoulder chops, brussel sprouts, carrots, eggs, apples, tea, and pumpkin bread and made the most delicious meal ever.  Organic and local foods are pretty much the best.

Also, I ate about 5 pounds of cheese in wine class yesterday and then proceeded to go to Eataly with Melinda just to drink more wine and eat pasta.  I can always count on her to encourage my disgusting appetite, by indulging with me.  That’s a true friend.

And, now I’m hungry again.


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