Mod 2: Lessons 28-34

Oh, hey guys.  This post will cover the past two weeks, and the last of the Bread course.  I’m sure I can bore all of you with an in-depth description of what I did, but I’m not going to.  Mostly because I’m too lazy, but also, I have pretty pictures, and making different doughs is more or less the same process for each.  Sort of.  Anyway, here’s what I made!: pizza, calzones, focaccia, bread sticks, challah, hamburger buns, pumpernickel, bagels, pretzels, brioche, doughnuts, danish, and canoli dough.  DELICIOUS.

I made the pumpernickel with a starter consisting of water and flour, which was the leavening agent in the bread.  As in, I made an all natural yeast made from almost nothing.  As in, how cool is that?  Yeast cultures in the air we breathe in every day is what brings the starter to life.  This is the goopy mess that I had to “feed” more flour and water once a day so that the fermentation gets stronger.  Well, I fed it once out of the three times I was supposed to feed it because I was ridiculously busy that weekend, but it still came out great.

I also took a written exam, which was whatever, and now we are onto the pastries of this Mod.  Next week, we are going to fill our canoli and do other stuff.  This is the saddest pastry blog entry ever in the world.  But, look at all the pretty pictures!


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